Our partners

Each of our projects works in partnership with others. We believe this is the only way of really making a difference in people's lives.

Our partners include :

- Ville de Paris (City Hall) et Mairie du XVème arrondissement (Town Hall for the 15th arrondissement)

- Fédération Nationale des Associations d'accueil et de Réinsertion Sociale (FNARS)

- Benefits agency

- Health and medical facilities : Saint Joseph hospital, Georges Pompidou hospital, St Anne mobile psychiatric team, the Rue Miollis health centre

- L'Oréal (provision of gifts in kind) 

- Publicis, God Save the Screen (communication services provided as gift in kind)

- Accommodation services : Samu Social, Associations des Cités du Secours Catholique, Foyer Grenelle, Association pour l'Amitié, Emmaüs, Aurore

- Day centres and other services : Ordre de Malte, Accueil XV, la Halle St Dider, Bagagerie Antigel, Jesuit Refugee Service

- Vincentian Family : AIC France, the Daughters of Charity, the Congregation of the Mission, the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul 

- Outreach teams serving the local area : Aurore, St Leon, Antigel, Toi pour tous, La protection civile, Mobil'douche

- Depaul International, 5 subsidiary countries

As a young charity we are continually creating partnerships on a local and national level.

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