Civil society

Depaul France aims to take a wider role in civil society

  • We believe in partnership. We will work with government, local authorities, the private sector, churches and other voluntary agencies in order to achieve the best possible outcome for our service users.
  • We aim to be open and accountable to our staff, to our volunteers, to our service users, and to our funders. We aim to have transparent and accessible decision-making processes, with well-defined and understood responsibilities and roles; safeguard the integrity of our trustees; and encourage personal responsibility and ownership, innovation and proactive work.
  • We believe in justice for all - through influencing structural change in society, supporting individuals, and the proper management of charity.
  • We are custodians of valuable resources, and we recognise our responsibility to use them as effectively as possible.
  • We strive to be a best practice organisation. We aim to ensure that our projects are of the highest standard and that everyone connected with the organisation is valued. We have internal mechanisms for auditing our effectiveness, and will ensure external validation that we are well managed, well resourced and professional in our delivery.
  • We have a global perspective and potential. We will learn from best practice from around the world. We are committed to building our global networks.
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